"Abyss in the Devils Eye" by Callum Pennock

by ★ Power Records

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You find yourself deep in what must be a dream. In between reality, yourself, and what makes reality a part of yourself, or rather what yourself perceives reality to be a part of yourself, mystified and mysteriously deliriously still learning. Everything is old and has been seen before, yet everything is an enigmatic delight that peaks your curious blight. You slowly are pulled into a room. A glorious room so far inside yourself that you are infinitely away from yourself, but in what ever direction you choose you feel the small comfort that infinitely far away you exist. You come to bright light of the room which shines in a color much like the most radiant shine you can ever imagine but too colorful to be any color but white. You slowly let it enter you as you become it and it is in here, as it is in you, where existence is outside of itself because it is too far inside its existence, your own existence. Once inside, anything is everything as nothing is everything. simultaneously recreating creation and re-destroying destruction. One side Heaven the other Hell, both sides eternity and both sides unrepetitive repetitions that would leave any mortal in peril. Out of the emptiness of human nature you delve into the creator of the destruction the only way humans know how as the destroyer of nothingness is left alone, and enter the abyss in the devils eye.


released November 25, 2016



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★ Power Records West Lafayette, Indiana

A quasi-record label living outside the boundaries.

We are waiting for you waiting only on the outskirts. We have no ages and no ID's.
We are the ones who play Frogger in French Palaces. WE FUCK WITH FILTER CHEESE. We are the extra kaleidoscope. This is a place for you to be a star and have your star power too
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